How to Remove Shower Handle Without Screws? Ultimate Guide (2023)

Look no further if you’re looking for an easy and reliable way to remove a shower handle without screws. This guide will walk you through the steps required to quickly and safely take off that old handle and make room for your new one!

Removing a shower handle without screws is possible, but it requires special tools. The most common tool used to remove these handles is called Allen keys, narrow L-shaped wrenches that fit into the slots on the handle. To use this tool, you will need two sizes of Allen key – one for each side of the handle. Once inserted into the slot, turn both sides in opposite directions until you feel and hear a clicking noise. This should allow you to pull off the entire shower handle with ease.

Check the Shower Handle for Screws

If you’re trying to remove a shower handle without screws, check the handle carefully for any hidden screws. This is particularly important if the handle has been painted over; it’s easy to miss small screws. Look closely around the edges and back of the handle and underneath it.

Here are some items you’ll need:

– Masking tape or painter’s tape – A flathead screwdriver – Small pliers or vice grips

Determine the Type of Attachment

Determining the type of attachment for a shower handle can be tricky, as most shower handles have multiple attachments. However, there are some common ways to determine the type of attachment used on your particular handle.

The first step is to look at the size and shape of your handle screws. If you see small, flat-headed screws or Phillips’s head screws with indentations, those are likely self-tapping screws that secure the cover plate or escutcheon over the shower valve stem. These require either a flathead screwdriver or a Phillips head screwdriver to remove them from the valve stem.

Suppose you see larger-diameter machine screws with hexagonal heads and nuts inside them. In that case, those are more likely machine bolts which usually secure an extension arm onto your pipes behind the wall where it connects to your handle’s baseplate (or cartridge). Depending on their size and configuration, you will need an adjustable wrench or socket set to loosen these bolts.

Finally, if none of these appear on your handle, then it’s possible that they were secured using plastic anchors and fasteners such as “Zip-Ties,” which require no tools but need to be cut with scissors for removal.

Cut Through Caulk with Knife

Removing a shower handle without screws can be difficult, but if you have a caulked-on handle, there are some tricks to make it easier. Here’s how to remove the handle:

1. Put on gloves and safety glasses before beginning the project.

2. Use a utility knife or razor blade to cut through any caulk holding the shower handle in place. Make sure not to damage your walls as you work!

3. Carefully pry up each side of the handle with a flathead screwdriver until it loosens from its position and can be removed easily by hand.

4. Once removed, clean any remaining caulk residue using warm water and detergent for future use and install new hardware if necessary!

Use Pliers to Loosen the Handle From the Valve Stem

Removing a shower handle without screws can be tricky, but it can be done with just a few tools. The following steps will guide you through the process:

  1. Turn off the water to your shower using the main shut-off valve or by turning off the circuit breaker associated with your bathroom.
  2. Use pliers to loosen the handle from the valve stem. This is typically accomplished by applying pressure on both sides of the handle while twisting it in the opposite direction until it comes loose.
  3. Once you have loosened the handle, carefully pull it out of its socket and set it aside for later use if desired.

Clean Up and Re-Caulk Area

If you’re trying to remove a shower handle without screws, here are the steps:

1. Shut off the shower’s water supply and ensure it is drained.

2. Carefully pry out any old caulk and sealant around the base of the shower handle with a putty knife or screwdriver.

3. Remove any debris left behind before cleaning up the area thoroughly with soapy water and drying completely before re-caulking it.

4. Finally, use a waterproof sealant or adhesive to apply new caulk around where you removed your shower handle, ensuring an even coverage along all edges and corners for maximum protection against leaks in the future!

How to Remove Shower Handle Without Screws Summary

Removing a shower handle without screws can seem like an impossible job. However, there are several solutions to this tricky problem. With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily remove any handles that don’t have visible screws.

One of the most common methods is removing the set screw on either side of the handle using a blade or needle nose pliers. If this doesn’t work, it may be necessary to use a hacksaw blade to cut through any plastic covering that needs to be removed before accessing the screw holes. Once these steps are complete, you should be able to unscrew and remove the handle from its base plate easily.

Another method for removing shower handles without screws is using a special “extraction tool.” This device looks similar to a flathead screwdriver but has two small claws at one end, allowing it to grip onto the edges of your handle’s base plate and unscrew it from its mountings in no time!

If neither of these options works for your particular situation, then you can try using force; however, this should only be done as a last resort since excessive pressure could cause external and internal damage within your fixture. In some cases, tapping around the edge of your shower handle with a hammer may help loosen it enough so that removal becomes possible without risking further damage or injury.

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