Can You Use Crimp Fittings On PEX-A

Crimp fittings are a popular option for connecting PEX-A pipes, offering an easy and secure DIY plumbing solution. Whether you’re looking to install new PEX-A piping for your home or make repairs on existing plumbing, crimp fittings offer an ideal combination of fast installation with reliable connections that won’t leak. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can make strong crimp fittings in no time!

Yes, crimp fittings can be used on PEX-A pipes. The pipe must first be inserted into the fitting until it reaches the stop, then a clamp or crimp ring is required to secure the connection. If you are using a copper crimp ring, we recommend 2″ of overlap for 1/2″ and 3/4″ connections and 3″ of overlap for all other sizes greater than 1″. We also suggest purchasing ASTM F1807 approved fittings in order to ensure that your connection meets industry standards.

Benefits of Using Crimp Fittings on PEX-A

Yes, you can use crimp fittings on PEX-A. Crimp fittings are a popular choice for connecting pipes together because they offer several benefits:

Easy installation No special tools are needed to attach the fitting and pipe with a crimping tool;

Cost effective Less expensive than other connection methods such as compression or soldering;

Durability The connection is extremely durable and won’t corrode or rust over time;

Flexible design Allows for easy expansion and contraction of long piping runs without needing additional supports;

Reliability Provides secure connections that will last for many years without leaking or failing due to vibration, temperature changes, or pressure fluctuations in the plumbing system.

How to Install Crimp Fittings on PEX-A Tubing

Crimp fittings are a great way to join two pieces of PEX-A tubing, and installing them is simple.

To install crimp fittings on PEX-A tubing, you will need the following materials:

1. Crimp Fittings 2. Crimping Tool 3. Insert Ring 4. Cutter or Pipe Shears 5. Tubing Cutter (if using copper crimp rings)

Begin by inserting an insert ring into the end of your PEX-A tubing until it reaches its stop point inside the pipe wall.

Then slide your crimp fitting onto the tube until it reaches the stoppoint of the insert ring from Step 1 – make sure to check that there are no kinks in your tube at this point!

Next, take your cutters or pipe shears and cut off any excess material from around the edge of each fitting so they fit together perfectly without overlapping each other or leaving gaps between them.

Finally, attach your crimping tool to both ends of the fitting firmly and then press down with even pressure for a few seconds to secure everything together before testing out connections with water pressure if necessary!

What Are The Limitations Of Crimp Fittings?

Crimp fittings are a great option for making connections with PEX-A pipes, but there are some limitations to consider when using them. Here’s a list of the main limitations:

1. Crimp fittings can’t be used on thin walled PEX-A tubing since the crimp rings don’t create an adequate seal; 2. Their effectiveness is dependent on properly sized equipment and experience, as fitting must be securely compressed around the pipe; 3. Because of their design, they require special tools to install; 4. They may not provide sufficient strength when working in high pressure applications or areas prone to earthquakes or vibrations; 5. Although crimping is generally easier than soldering and more cost effective than compression fittings, it does still require specialized training for installation and inspection due to its complexity


In conclusion, crimp fittings can be used on PEX-A pipe. However, it is important to use the correct tools and follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure a secure and leak-free connection. Proper tool set up should include checking the fitting for proper size and ensuring that all components are clean prior to assembly. It is also essential to inspect each joint after completion in order to identify any leaks or damage before turning on the water supply. If done correctly, crimp fittings can provide an excellent solution for connecting PEX-A pipes securely and safely.

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